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Design that's useful

Design is the soul of your product. It’s what your users see, what they interact with, what they experience. Getting it right is important yet getting it wrong all too easy. We can help you design a product experience that’s useful and clear.

Discovery & Understanding

It all starts with a discovery of your design goals and an understanding of your product as well as your users. Gaining a basic understanding of these helps us come up with a design strategy that’s consistent with what you want to achieve and what your users want to get.

Sketches & Prototypes

The best way to get ideas flowing is to put them on paper. Once we have a basic understanding of what we are trying to achieve, we start creating simple sketches which are then translated into HTML/CSS prototypes. This process helps us get feedback on our ideas, iterate quickly, and move fast.

Focus on content

Content is the most important part of a design. It’s the one thing that makes or breaks the experience. What you write is what your users read. If it confuses them, no snazzy UI can save the blushes. Our design focuses a lot on the content. We write it, refine it, and design around it.

Great copywriting is all about details. No matter what your product does, we help you get those details just right. The right words used clearly and in right places.

Bringing it all to reality

Prototypes give us a foundation to build on. At this step, those scattered thoughts take a consistent and coherent shape. Today, your users aren’t limited to just their desktops. They use all kinds of tablets and smart phones to find and use your products. That means the designing challenges are a lot more.

Our design process not only ensures your products are available on every screen but also makes the experience consistent across them and optimized for each.

Test, test & test some more

Good design is never finished. Well, almost. Once the design is live, your users take control. They tell us what they like and what they don’t. Their usage patterns tell us the areas that we need to focus on and improve.